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Soul recovery Treatments      

If you feel fragments of your soul have been interfered with or parts have been taken, then Soul Recovery Treatments could be what you need to retrieve and stabilise your being. Soul Recovery is a very powerful Healing and it is right for this time to assist with spiritual awakening and ascension to the 5th dimension. Your vibration will take a huge shift into balance and if you allow, you will have a great understanding of life. You will be balanced and in tune with all there is, and if you allow, you will be able to co-create with the Universe. Your body will align with your true soul essence.
After you discuss your requirements with Zarina, she will advise you if Soul Recovery Treatments are right for you as not everyone is ready for the Soul Recovery Healing. If you are ready for the Healing, you will receive a very deep Healing at all levels. This Healing will go deep into your past lives and through all your Dimensional lives. All Angel & Spirit Guides that are needed will be invoked for your Soul Recovery. This Healing begins with your first contact with Zarina. Your Healing will be in 3 initial stages, and will be given one a week for 3 weeks. The length of your Treatments will vary depending on the work that is required.

Zarina will give you full details of your Journey at all levels until completion of your Soul Recovery in consultation appointment after the treatments have been completed.

After your healing, there may be some discomfort at many levels and you will have a huge shift. This may only be for a short time and will differ from person to person as everyone is unique. You will receive a full written report by email within 7 days of your completed Soul Recovery Healing, and the confirmation time of your telephone consultation to discuss your report. Your telephone consultation will last 30 minutes.
Your Healing can take place via Zarina’s consultation room, but if you are unable to visit her, she will perform your Healing via remote healing. Alternatively Zarina may be able to visit you at your home or at a venue of your choice. Please let her know your requirements at the time of your booking When making your booking you will book the dates for your 3 Soul Recovery Healing Treatments, and your telephone consultation. Your telephone consultation will take place after your Soul Recovery Healing Treatment. Please speak to Zarina to discuss this treatment.

Please note you will need to sign a disclaimer for this therapy