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Past Life Regression Therapy 

Past Lives Regression Therapy

In this therapy you are in control at all times. Zarina will guide you gently with visualization techniques into your past lives that require discovery.

Zarina will simply ease you back into remembering events and places you have experienced through many lifetimes. Past life regression involves going back into past lives we have lived before.

In many cases health issues, phobias/fears, relationship problems or other emotional blocks do not originate from our current life. The root cause can in fact go back much further in time and can actually extend into other life times.

Through this therapy you can begin to change negative patterns that have played out before in past life times so that through awareness you can heal and evolve in this.

Some clients just want to experience a past life regression out of sheer curiosity as it is interesting to find out who we once were in past lives.

Accessing past life memories can assist in the healing process to recognize that we are in essence immortal and can contribute to our own spiritual growth.

Age Regression Therapy

This therapy involves having a visualization journey back in time to a younger age in this lifetime to recover memories of your childhood that the conscious mind may have forgotten or partly forgotten.

Age regression can be used to treat phobias/fears, patterns of negative behaviour, self sabotage behaviour, childhood trauma’s etc.

Age regression can also include womb regression which is going back to a special time when you were in your mother’s womb.

Understanding the cause or origin can often solve the problem, however sometimes other healing interventions are used to release and gain healing for more dramatic events.

Timeline Regression Therapy

This is a much more deeper therapy please talk to Zarina if you’re interested in regaining knowledge of oneself.
Regression Therapy lasts 60 minutes including consultation.

Please note that Zarina does not use hypnosis techniques where you are not in control. Your session is safe and controlled by you . You are in control at all times.