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Spiritual Health Check

Have you ever thought “I am not feeling myself?” Do you say things that don’t sit right with how you usually speak, feel or think? 

Do you constantly feel drained and stuck in a downward spiral? Do you feel as if you are blocked on your life’s journey? 

If so, these are classic symptoms of spiritual attachments or psychic attack. 

We are all made the same way, we are an energetic body (soul) and physical body that works in perfect balance with each other. 

When our energetic body is out of balance this transforms into physical ailments, dis-ease and reactions. No matter your religious or spiritual beliefs this can and does affect us all. 

This is why it is so important to spiritually and energetically protect yourself. 

Each Spiritual Health Check is unique, working in pairs (a medium and a facilitator) a psychic scan is conducted on the client of up to 15 separate levels. 

From here any negative entities, attachments or cords will be found, graded and removed. Negative energy being deliberately sent to the client will be blocked and protection is given. 

The result is a rebalanced, spiritually cleansed and grounded client with repowered energy levels and a greater overall sense of wellness. 

This work is carried out remotely and I have many happy clients from all over the world including USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, Australia, Mauritius and the UK.

With every Spiritual Health Check, I will send an emailed report and our Protection Procedure 

We have helped people who have no spiritual understanding as well as experienced mediums and holistic workers, we are all affected.