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Psychic Surgery

This is a very powerful form of healing that produces some remarkable results. It is a non-invasive healing practice that works on the etheric/psychic body and the recipient remains fully clothed at all times. Although no pain is involved, patients may feel some gentle physical sensations. zarina will lower her conscious levels and work within an altered condition with his Psychic Surgeon team of guides. 
Each session is very unique and individual to the recipient and a full explanation will be made at the beginning of each session. 
With Zarina’s Psychic Surgery, there is gentle touch, but usually only around the head and shoulder area and more often than not, Zarina may also work with a drum which has proven to be an excellent tool for the removals of energy blockages within the body. Recipients often feel a flow of energy, heat or cold sensations radiating from Zarina’s hands with a relaxed feeling of well-being. 
After any healing session, the recipient will be required to respect themselves and be sensitive to the changes within. It is advisable to drink plenty of water and allow the change of energy to settle.