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Atlantis Crystal Energy Healing

Atlantis crystal energy healing was once used by the people of Atlantis and now the Spirit of Atlantis Healing is accessible to all of mankind.

Archangel Uriel has assisted Zarina to channel this healing energy that was once used by the Atlantian’s. The crystals are infused with the Atlantis energy with this energy to offer this healing to all humans so that we are able to use the power of crystals to heal ourselves once more.

All crystals can be empowered with the Atlantis crystal energy. You will receive this healing through the heart chakra. The healing colours will merge into your cells filling them with love & light so that your cells will begin to remember how to heal themselves from within.

While receiving this healing, your soul will evolve spiritually to your next level of consciousness, enabling your 12 strands of DNA to gradually download.