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Soul Therapy

Your Soul Therapy Session will be unique to you.
You may need some guidance about changing old negative patterns in your life. This may have come from past lives, so some regression work may be required during the session’s.
Blocks and trauma’s may need releasing through your lifetime or many life times.
Zarina can assist you to live a more positive and creative life.
Zarina can assist you to connect with your higher self through meditation.

During these sessions we can together focus on YOU:
  • Having More Direction
  • Feeling More Confident
  • Creating Balance In Your Life
  • Enable You To Create What You Want And Need
  • Remember Your Soul Purpose
  • Allowing Your Aura To Shine
  • Clarify Goals And Outline The Steps To Reach Them
  • Allow Your Spiritual Growth To Evolve
  • Learn How To Connect With Your Guides every day
  • Learn How To Have a Working Relationship With your Guides every day
  • Clearing all blockages
  • Connecting with your higher self
If you are experiencing any of the examples below then please tell Zarina:
Feeling You Are Going Nowhere In Your Life? Feeling Lost And Out Of Control? Not Sure What Direction To Take In Your Life Journey? Want To Believe In Yourself A Lot More? Want To Be Taken Seriously In Life? Not Wanting Others To Control You? Want To Enjoy Your Work And Enjoy Life? Want To Learn More About Your Own Spiritual Awareness And Gain A Insight To Your Spiritual Pathway? Do You Wish To Connect With The Angelic Realm, Spirit Guides, but don’t know how?

Soul Therapy will be conducted in one to one sessions, with Zarina. The duration of these sessions are 1 or 2 hours, you choose.

Zarina’s fees vary depending on the length of sessions required. She will work with you to find a package that will suit your needs