Meditation to working with Gaia to rid the planet of Covid – 19 & the negative energy that surrounds these unprecedented times

First, complete the grounding exercise to protect & raise your vibration before going into meditation

Now breath & exhale – breath in & exhale – continue going this until u feel fully relaxed. 

Now Send love from our heart chakra to the whole of the planet – then out further through all Demensions 3rd 4th 5th 6th and beyond 

Then let’s lift the Covid -19 & the negativity it enhances & lift it off the planet into a box & send love energy to purify it – so it is no more 

Let’s do this every day for 15 mins until this negative energy has left our borders & planet – 

 If we focus & do this meditation this will lift the earth vibration & the negativity will not be able to stay 

The negativity can not stay